Great tips for those at the conference crossroads – Part 2- Get ‘buy in’

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Many conference and professional events organisers, when asked to come up with some new ideas for conferences, may feel they are standing at the crossroads, not knowing which way to turn. Well, you’ll discover later why the crossroads is a good place to be, but for now let’s continue with our series on the steps you need to take to plan a conference well. This is Part 2 – Get ‘buy in.’ Here are a couple of things you can do to get ideas for a conference that may be fresh or different:

  • Suggest to the guys at the top that you send out a mailer or social media post that asks potential delegates for a few ideas and suggestions. What kind of event would they like to have? Unless your bosses have already decided on a rigid format, ask if they want to do a lot of brainstorming, or should it be more teambuilding? – Or do they feel that good lectures would help them better understand their business?


  • Having done that, you can now make a firm decision on what ‘type’ of conference it will be …and later, once your dates and venue are set, you can start sending out mailers and social media posts to all delegates to start spreading the word – and get people really excited! …but we’ll get to that….In the meantime whilst still deciding – get some good provisional dates from proposed delegates, so you can also start thinking about your conferences dates and timelines.


We will give more advice on conference planning in the next article, but with regards to deciding on a place – what about something totally different? – They say Malawi is one of the latest ‘Buzz’ areas for conferencing. Home to the famous Lake Malawi and a place that combines the latest in modern technologies with game viewing, sight-seeing and cultural excursions. This may be your answer for something new and exciting!

At the Crossroads!

Back to those ‘crossroads’ again – there is a great conference venue in Lilongwe, one of Malawi’s most vibrant cities and at the hub of all the best tourist activities. Known as ‘Crossroads Hotel,’ this is one of Africa’s best conferencing facilities, capable of handling everything from small intimate ‘round the table’ brainstorming sessions, to massive receptions for 2,500 people and banquets for 800. Highly motivated, fully qualified staff are at your beck and call and meet any challenge. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information and all the advice you need for your next great conference event.

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