Great tips for those at the conference crossroads – Part 3 – The budget

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Possibly you are a professional Events Co-ordinator, or maybe your boss has just given you the task of creating your next conference? Either way you may feel that you are standing at the ‘Crossroads’ – not knowing which way to go. Conference planning can be quite daunting and even if you have a lot of experience you may just be looking for something fresh. Hence we have created this series and we hope it is helpful to you …so here we go with more great tips for those at the conference crossroads – Part 3 – the budget!

Having decided on the nature of the conference and got some buy in from the delegates, the next important step is to create a budget. You need to establish what kind of budget you have before you even decide on a venue, as what you can afford will dictate everything. You may have been given a fixed budget by the conference organisers, or you may be asked to create one in accordance with your own ideas. There are a few simple steps to creating a budget….we start with the first 2 in this article and will continue in the next…

Step 1 – Firstly make a list of what your expenses will include. It’s important that you are thorough here and don’t leave anything out. Create a ‘budget planner’ which includes most of the aspects of the conference that will need to be planned I.E Venue, website, registration, conference proceedings, speakers, secretariat, insurance, audio-visual, marketing, food/beverage etc.

Step 2 – Now start to identify what each item will cost, or if you have been given a fixed budget, what portion of the budget needs to be allocated to which expenses. This may take a bit of calling around to get a rough idea of costs of each item. Don’t go too cheap at this point – you need to work on realistic costs to produce the event that you want to achieve.

A conference with a difference

We will continue with the creation of the budget in the next article in the series, but for now, one idea to make your next conference exciting and different is to have it in beautiful Malawi! It is one of Africa’s preferred tourist destinations and in Lilongwe, a bustling city close to all the major attractions, is Crossroads hotel, one of Africa’s premier conference venues.

Crossroads Hotel caters for every type of event from intimate meetings to large conferences and receptions and boasts a staff who are experts in conference with years of experience. Let us take away all your conference planning headaches – Simply view our website or contact us to find out more about our superb conference facilities.

We hope these great tips for those at the conference crossroads are being helpful to you – and watch this space for plenty more. Happy conferencing!

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