Great tips for those at the conference Crossroads – Part 5 – finding the Venue

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We have, over the last few articles, been looking at the various critical aspects of planning a good conference. Assuming you are not a professional Events Planner, who needs some useful advice – and even if you are and you are possibly just looking for some fresh ideas, we hope these articles are useful to you. So having decided on the theme of the conference, created a timeline and conference planner …and a budget, it is time to get to that fixed date, which cannot be decided for sure until you have found and decided on a venue. This is because you may find the ideal venue, but have to tweak the date according to its availability.

So critical is the choice of the venue that we have split this section to a few articles beginning with ‘Great tips for those at the conference Crossroads – Part 5 – finding the Venue’ …

  1. Establish your requirements – This will be based on things that are not flexible like the number of delegates, space requirements, rooms or nearby accommodation etc.….
  2. Do a venue search – Here you will look at, most importantly, the position of the venue, unless the area is still open ended, the type of venue, seasonal weather considerations etc.…
  3. Decide on who you would like to speak with or if possible visit …send a request to visit or a have meeting of some sort
  4. Decide on a venue – This is the critical one. We have prepared a few important criteria to consider and tick off to make this final decision – they are in the next two sections on ‘Deciding on the venue’
  5. Sign a contract with the chosen venue
  6. Inform all venues of your decision

Essentially that is the process to be followed, so next time we will look at the critical aspects of deciding on the venue ….or if we can suggest a great idea, why not have a great conference with a difference at one of Malawi’s premier conferencing facilities and preferred Hotel venues  – The Crossroads Hotel in Lilongwe.

There is so much to see and do in the surrounding area …and the conference facilities at the Crossroads include state of the art equipment, conference planners, who could be saving you all this planning time, experts in servicing all conference requirements from staff to menu items …and a massive choice of rooms from small intimate boardrooms – to banqueting for 800 delegates – to a huge reception area that can accommodate 2,500 people! 

We hope this article on ‘Great tips for those at the conference Crossroads – Part 5 – finding the Venue’ has been helpful to you. Contact us today to learn more about us and let us make your next conference a hassle free seamless affair!

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