Great tips for those at the conference Crossroads – Part 6 – Deciding on the venue

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Choice of function rooms – The size of the conference rooms in relevance to the size of the event and the number of delegates is also important. Conferences can differ from small boardroom requirements to massive reception areas!

Flexibility – Your conference needs may be different from the norm. Can the venue you choose be flexible? Are they experienced enough to change the goal posts if needs be? Flexibility is an important feature when choosing a venue.

One conference venue that ticks all these boxes, with all the experience and flexibility any type of corporate event will require ….and situated in Malawi, one of Africa’s most exciting and sought after tourist destinations, is the Crossroads Hotel! If you are indeed at the conferencing Crossroads and looking for something fresh, but still highly professional, with facilities that can accommodate many delegates and cater for anything from 10 to 2,500 people in a massive reception area, look no further than this exquisite venue.

Watch out for more Great tips for those at the conference Crossroads when, in part 7, we will discuss the decision of the venue in more detail, but if you feel we have already convinced you to engage with us, then contact us to learn more and let us make your conference event an unforgettable experience!

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