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If you’re standing at the crossroads with your conferences – you know, that point where you need some direction? – You have been asked to organise a conference and you’re not sure where to start – or where to go and where to find something fresh and different? Well in the next few articles you’ll find out that the answer is in the title! …but let’s get to that.

Great tips for those at the conference crossroads – part 1 – Vision

To begin with let’s help you with the effective planning of a conference. Always start with a vision! Here are a couple of the first things to consider…

  • If you are not a professional conference planner, decide if you are able to do the planning on your own, or whether you will need help in the form of assistants or even some sort of committee, to whom the various members are assigned individual tasks


  • Ensure you understand the company’s vision and purpose of the event. The planned outcome of the event depends only partially on how well it is planned. Is it feasible in terms of your budget, time restraints and availability of all the attendees? – In other words, you need to ascertain not only exactly what is expected of you, but is it actually do-able?


We will continue with these tips in the next article on ‘Get input’, but just start thinking about a fresh exciting place and venue to go to. Delegates are always looking for something different – so what about holding the event in a great country tourist destination like Malawi?

Something about Malawi

This beautiful African country plays host to the famous Lake Malawi a world famous tourist attraction close to the city of Lilongwe. Malawi offers an authentic African experience with lakeside lodgings, wildlife, friendly locals – and plenty of things to see and do. It is also modern and vibrant, with all the comforts of home in its tourist hotspots.

You could hold your conference at Malawi’s best conference facility….Crossroads Hotel. So now we get to the bit about being at the ‘Crossroads’ of conferencing. Well the best way is to stay at the Crossroads – literally!

Something about Crossroads Hotel

Crossroads’ Leading edge technology accommodates the most demanding presentation and communication requirements and experienced Crossroads Hotel personnel are always on site to promptly respond to every need.

Each conference room has a unique décor and all are equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual and sound equipment. Capacities range from 10 to 2,500 people for a reception and up to 800 people for a banquet. Every event is distinguished by exemplary cuisine, expert support and personalised service to attend to the finest detail, from meticulous planning – to a successful conclusion.

We hope these great tips for those at the conference crossroads is helpful to you and if you are excited about the idea of your next conference being held at the Crossroads Hotel contact us to find out more. Let’s start planning your unforgettable event together!

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