Immerse your taste buds in a journey spanning the globe, from authentic curries to traditional Asian cuisine and local delicacies, The Copper Pot caters to every palate. Flawlessly adorned with fine details, extravagant features, and its unique ambiance and décor, the Copper Pot is the idyllic fine-dining spot for subtle and intimate occasions.

There are over 300 items on the menu all of which have been expertly prepared for your enjoyment, including spicy Tandoori, Thai, Moghulai, and carefully selected Schezwan cuisine. A blend of aged steaks, specialty succulent poultry, and exceptional seafood to satisfy your cravings.

We also have a wide variety of deserts. End of your meal with the classics, Banana split, Fruit salad, or try out our Crossroads Cheesecake.

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